I help busy humans over 35 lose stubborn belly fat, get rid of bloating and drop 2 pant sizes without counting calories or restrictive dieting.

How long is the Balanced Bodies program?

Each phase is 90 days. Together, we decide how many you need as you progress.

Do you have to follow a meal plan?

I guide you on how to build your own meal plan for sustainable fat loss. Suggestions are given to improve from day to day, but ultimately this needs to fit your life and what you like.

Does it require buying special foods?

Everything that you will require can be found in your local grocery store.

What if I am on medications and/or have health issues? Will your program still work for me?

Generally, the program is about making the body healthier and accommodates any restrictions that you may have. I work with you to make adjustments as needed and always suggest that you check in with your family practitioner.

Can I drink alcohol on the plan?

For maximum results, you are encouraged to cut out alcohol as much as possible.

Do I need to exercise and is exercise a part of the program?

Yes, movement is key to fat loss. We start with daily walking and progress to lifting weights.

If I go away on vacation, can I still do the program?

You can! If possible, we work for you to bring along healthy foods. If not possible, you will have the tools to make wise decisions while you are away.

Does the program work for men?


Do you have to purchase specific supplements?

There are basic supplements (ie. protein powder) that are suggested which can be found at any health food store. I do provide product suggestions but you are not required to purchase from me. Any suggested supplements are provided upfront in the program.

Do I need Facebook to do the Group Program?

You will need a Facebook account in order to access the group for check-ins and support. The support group is private, supportive and full of other members working to improve their health, so I'm sure you will feel comfortable!


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