Balanced Bodies Transformations

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"Before COVID, working out at 360 Fitness was something I did to improve my mental health. It was time I carved out for myself away from the demands of a high pressure career, a draining commute and the constant demands of life. It relieved my stress in a very real way, a fact I am very grateful for. Kerri always pushed me - didn't let me off easy EVER ... it is like she knew just what I needed to stay motivated.  

The world changed in 2020 as COVID impacted the way we work, socialize and stay fit. I was able to work from home and reminded myself regularly that I was one of the lucky ones ... I have a good job and a healthy family. Without the morning commute, I was able to bump up my morning workouts from 3 to 4 mornings a week and with Kerri's support and ingenuity I adapted to the virtual workout environment with Fitness 360 by lifting wine bottles and jogging up and down the stairs, as my dogs watched from the top step. I was also able to explore the classes online with HIIT and Yoga as personal favourites.   

While I was now eating at home ... rather than eating-out all the time ... the first COVID summer found me enjoying the convenience of having the kitchen so close ... and I was eating more junk food and drinking more wine (I don't think I am alone on this, am I?). Sometimes the promise of red wine at 5:00 pm was my motivation to get through the day. While I don't regret those months of indulgence, as I headed into the last few months of 2020, I realized I was wasting an opportunity to improve myself. 

I was ready to build some better nutritional habits into my daily routine and Kerri was ready to help me. I started the 12-week commitment on December 21st ... why not tackle the holiday challenge first? The winter weeks flew by as I tried new foods (where do you find Bison?), developed new habits (drink more water, food prep on Sunday's) and overall felt my body settle into a healthier version of myself. Digestion and energy improved while the pounds dropped off. Kerri kept me focused on the non-scale victories, which were also very motivating.

For me, the key to success was the weekly meal plans. Kerri defined a plan ... and I simply executed it. I was focused on developing the habit of prepping on weekends and eating regularly throughout the days ... not worried about what specifically I was eating. For me, the options were too overwhelming. While my professional life is filled with decision making responsibilities, in my personal life, I could not seem to make a decision about what to eat.  I realized it was a key challenge I needed to overcome ... or else I would fall back into some bad habits. As time passed, I started to get the hang of things and Kerri involved me in developing parts of the meal plan. I recently graduated into developing a meal plan for a full week ... and I am quite proud of myself 🙂

The next challenge will be dealing with the temptation posed by restaurants opening up ... but I am feeling confident that I can tackle it with Kerri's steady help. 

As I think ahead to our second COVID summer, I (like you) am holding my breath and hoping that things will open up. I am eager to try out some new healthy summer recipes and do some yoga in my backyard. Mostly I feel like I have the energy to be optimistic about the changes we are facing, rather than looking for a bottle of red wine for comfort. Stress is something I continue to deal with on a professional level, but now I know that not only does fitness help relieve my stress ... healthy eating habits help immensely.  

I cannot say how much I appreciate Kerri's guidance and help throughout the past year ... I am not sure I would have made it through COVID without her, and I am sure I would not have been a better version of myself without her support."

"When I first met with Kerri about getting started with a stress reduced fat loss plan I was pretty skeptical about it all. I had never had a nutrition coach or any kind of set diet or food plan. So I was excited to see what it was about, but didn’t really expect all that much from it.

Once we got started, I realized it was a lot more in depth than I thought it would be. The testing and pre-diet work was cool to see. It really gave me insight into how off balance I really was. The process was super easy to follow. Kerri gave me exact meal plans on what food to eat, how much to have and even when to eat them. It was great having it all planned for me, all I had to do was stick to it!

I think for me the biggest setbacks were sleep patterns (I’m terrible at sleeping consistently), as well as consistent meal times. 5 a day. I wasn’t used to that at all but once I got into the rhythm, it went awesome. I got into the habit of eating often and eating healthy. 

I think the biggest surprise for me was over the last few months not being on any program and seeing how I haven’t gained weight back. Made me realize her plan reset my body to what it should be. Before, any time I did a diet and lost weight I would gain it back as soon as I stopped the diet. This time is different. I also know exactly what to eat and when if I want to keep being in my ideal weight and health category. 

All in all, my experience with Kerri was incredible. I have recommended her to so many friends and all the friends who have met with her have said the same thing, she changed their outlook on “diets” for the better. 

Highly recommend anyone looking for someone to help you reach your goals meet with Kerri. You won’t be disappointed!


How long is the Balanced Bodies program?

Each phase is 90 days. Together, we decide how many you need as you progress.

Do you have to follow a meal plan?

I guide you on how to build your own meal plan for sustainable fat loss. Suggestions are given to improve from day to day, but ultimately this needs to fit your life and what you like.

Does it require buying special foods?

Everything that you will require can be found in your local grocery store.

What if I am on medications and/or have health issues? Will your program still work for me?

Generally, the program is about making the body healthier and accommodates any restrictions that you may have. I work with you to make adjustments as needed and always suggest that you check in with your family practitioner.

Can I drink alcohol on the plan?

For maximum results, you are encouraged to cut out alcohol as much as possible.

Do I need to exercise and is exercise a part of the program?

Yes, movement is key to fat loss. We start with daily walking and progress to lifting weights.

If I go away on vacation, can I still do the program?

You can! If possible, we work for you to bring along healthy foods. If not possible, you will have the tools to make wise decisions while you are away.

Does the program work for men?


Do you have to purchase specific supplements?

There are basic supplements (ie. protein powder) that are suggested which can be found at any health food store. I do provide product suggestions but you are not required to purchase from me. Any suggested supplements are provided upfront in the program.

Do I need Facebook to do the Group Program?

You will need a Facebook account in order to access the group for check-ins and support. The support group is private, supportive and full of other members working to improve their health, so I'm sure you will feel comfortable!